No matter where you want to start, we go through these happy milestones together with you, from your bump all the way to your precious one's first day of school. You may prefer a studio sitting, or the comfort of your home, a sun-drenched beach, a lush, blossoming garden, your neighbourhood park, the maternity ward, or anywhere baby and parents-friendly. The choice is all yours.

Before each sitting, we would love to talk to you and meet your little ones. By knowing them better, we will be able to bring out their unique personality. Each Session is a unique experience shared by you, your children and myself.

Cosy, well-equipped studio Fun at the beach Up in the air First moment, maternity suite

After the photo session, you can preview the pictures from MyGallery, your own personal photo gallery. This means grannies living in London; aunties and uncles in New York; or your best friend in Paris can all admire the photos and order for themselves, if you decide to share them.

We will then have a Post Session to go through the photos and discuss what you'd like to do with them.